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The Path to Healing

Wounds don’t heal the way you want them to, they heal the way they need to. It takes time for wounds to fade into scars. It takes time for the process of healing to take place. Give yourself that time. Give yourself that grace. Be gentle with your wounds. Be gentle with your heart. You deserve to heal. 

-Dele Olanub

The Hard Truth...

As humans, our minds are constantly chattering, replaying past mistakes and conjuring up worst case scenarios and what's exhausting! It can be extremely difficult for us to be in the present moment, fully awake in our lives. Being connected to our bodies can feel like too much, especially after trauma. So, we disconnect...from life, from others, from our emotions, from our bodies, from ourselves. We use various strategies to numb, avoid, distract, and to take the edge off - alcohol, drugs, food, work, staying busy, shopping, electronics, social media, Netflix, perfectionism, exercise, etc. Unfortunately, we cannot selectively numb emotions. When we numb sadness, discomfort and hurt, we are also numbing joy, gratitude and love. 














Girl with Arms Stretched Out

Safe Space

My primary intention is to provide a safe, nonjudgmental space where you can be your authentic, unfiltered self - a space where you feel seen, heard, and supported in your journey of healing and personal growth. I am here to remind you that you are not crazy, broken, damaged, or weak... in fact, you are resilient, brave, and so incredibly strong.


I understand that every brave soul who comes through my door is fighting an extremely difficult battle. I will support you in reuniting with your inner power and wisdom and developing resources that improve your well-being. Together, we will explore different areas of your life - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, occupational/educational, recreational - and discuss what changes could enhance your life.


My hope is to help you create a different relationship with your thoughts and emotions, with your body, and with your self. I will invite you to be curious about your inner experiences. I will teach you methods to enhance your capacity to sit with and tolerate your emotions and body sensations - in other words, to feel and move through your feelings. (You have to feel it to heal it!) In time, you will recognize that you are not your thoughts or your feelings - these are simply experiences that come and go - and it's possible to observe these experiences without becoming overwhelmed by them.  ​


In addition to helping you develop skills to cope with current stressors, I will also use techniques to help you heal from past traumas, losses and emotional injuries which are impacting your current functioning and well-being. You will have the opportunity to process the effects of traumatic events, move through shame and guilt, and grieve your losses. The trauma treatments I utilize don't require you to relive or retell the details of your traumatic experiences. And, these methods aim to treat core causes, rather than just symptoms. 


Transformation requires self-compassion - yes, that's right, compassion for your SELF! We can be so mean, critical and harsh towards ourselves, which undoubtedly impedes healing and growth. I will invite you to treat yourself with the same understanding and care that you demonstrate with someone you love. I will remind you that you are HUMAN, and as humans, we are inevitably flawed and imperfect. So, instead of beating yourself up for making a mistake, you will practice treating yourself with kindness, grace, acceptance, and love.



Once individuals are no longer weighed down by trauma, bothersome symptoms, or the pressure to be perfect and please others, they are free to be themselves and live their lives fully and authentically. I will support you in getting connected to your values in order to help you create a life that feels meaningful and purposeful - the life that you want to live!  

How I work - An Integrative Approach

But life doesn't have to feel this way!

The Therapy Journey

Let's be honest - therapy is hard work, AND the transformation you can experience with the help of therapy is so worth it! The truth is healing is not a linear process - it involves ups and downs, twists and turns - it can feel confusing and really uncomfortable at times. There will be moments of tears, laughter, frustration and hope. But you won't be alone - I will be there with you as you embark on this courageous journey.

Here are some things we can explore in therapy:

  • Trauma​/ PTSD /Complex PTSD ​

  • Sexual abuse & assault​

  • Grief & loss​

  • Stress 

  • Depression​

  • Anxiety & panic

  • Self-destructive behaviors

  • Chronic pain

  • Trust

  • Spirituality

  • Improving relationship with body

  • Self-compassion and self-care

  • Reuniting with authentic self

  • Perfectionism

  • Self-worth & confidence​

  • Shame & guilt

  • Relationships

  • Irritability & anger

  • Eating disorders

  • Losing a job

  • Emotional distress​

  • People-pleasing

  • Life transitions

  • Phobias

  • Mind-body connection

  • Uncovering inner wisdom

  • Sexuality

  • Insecurities/ feeling "not good enough"

  • Navigating the world as a highly sensitive person (HSP) or empath

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