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Internal Family Systems

We all have parts. For example, you may notice a part of you who wants to achieve a goal, and another part who self-sabotages and keeps you from making that change. Personally, I have perfectionist part, a people-pleaser part, over-functioning part and an inner bully (along with many more parts). A big reason why you may feel stuck and are not able to create positive changes in your life could be that you have unresolved conflicts between different parts of yourself. 


Most of us hold emotional wounds (often that we are unaware of) from our earlier years (childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, etc). Unresolved traumatic events from childhood can be held in a young part of yourself until you have an opportunity to attend to these feelings. Whether you have experienced or witnessed abuse, violence, conflict, unattuned parenting, lack of affection and validation, etc. - that pain can still be held in your mind and body and can unexpectedly be triggered.


Doing inner child work and connecting with younger versions of yourself can offer some understanding of our adult fears, insecurities, and life patterns. When we begin to become aware of our parts and learn to treat them with compassion, then healing and transformation can occur. In session, I will offer the space and opportunity for you to explore and communicate with different parts of yourself and heal painful wounds younger versions of you may be carrying from childhood. 

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