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Trauma-Informed Yoga

​Trauma-informed yoga recognizes the impact that trauma and stress have on the entire mind-body system and helps to restore balance and regulate the nervous system. Yoga provides an opportunity to release stress and build a deeper, more positive connection with yourself and your body. Yoga emphasizes the whole person and integrates mindfulness, conscious breathing, and somatic awareness. When leading a yoga practice, the following components are most important to me: safety, choice, empowerment, mindfulness, curiosity, embodiment, and inclusivity.


During yoga, you will be invited to practice the following:

  • Connecting with you body in the present moment and learning to appreciate your body

  • Listening to your body, referring to your own wisdom, and practicing movements/poses that feel supportive for you

  • Noticing what feels good in your body and where you tend to hold/store tension and stress

  • Noticing emotions, sensation, and thoughts as they come and go

  • Letting go of self-judgment and "right or wrong" and just experimenting with curiosity and kindness

  • Making your own wise, empowered choices about what to do with your body in each moment

  • Feeling safe in your body and reestablishing a sense of connection with your body

  • Using your breath and other resources as an anchor to the present moment

Yoga can be incorporated in therapy sessions or you can sign up for individual yoga sessions. I am a certified yoga teacher by Yoga Alliance, with additional training in trauma-informed yoga!

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