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" Today marks the day I return home to myself... "

"Today marks the day I return home to myself. That I begin the long journey that will be learning to trust in my own power again—to engage life, be light, and stand confidently in my own skin." -Beau Taplin


My intention with this practice is to provide a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment where the people I encounter can heal, restore self-trust, and experience freedom and transformation. I love journeying with brave individuals as they take these courageous steps. 


I am passionate about helping individuals overcome life challenges, heal from trauma and loss, release accumulated stress, and return home to themselves. I hope to help you see that the person you so deeply want to become is already inside of you. Ultimately, I hope to empower you to become your own healer.


Therapy is a very individualized journey - everyone heals differently! I will meet you where you're at, and together, we'll work towards creating the life that you want to live. I am here to help you get "unstuck," reunite with your inner wisdom, and discover your potential. Whatever you're going through, you don't have to face it alone. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it is undeniably a sign of strength and bravery.

Meet Jaree

Licensed Somatic Psychotherapist & Yoga Teacher

As your therapist, I WILL NOT:

  • Try to fix you

  • Tell you what you "should" do

  • Lecture, judge, or shame you

  • Pretend I know more about your life than you do

  • Assume what is best for you

  • Have all the answers

As your therapist, I WILL:

  • Listen, encourage, and empower you

  • Remind you that you are NOT broken, damaged, crazy, or weak

  • Highlight your strengths and assist you in building confidence

  • Provide the space to access your own wisdom and power

  • Invite you to reconnect with you authentic self

  • Teach you skills to manage stress

  • Remind you that you are worthy, valuable, resilient, capable, and enough

  • Offer you tools to manage your thoughts, emotions, and body sensations

  • Support you in achieving your goals

  • Help you heal, grow, and thrive


My promise to you 

is that I will safely and compassionately hold space for your experience - no matter how messy you think it is.

Integrative Healing

Finding the Path Back to You: Mind. Body. Heart. Soul.

Stress & Anxiety Relief

The accumulation of stress and anxiety significantly impacts our physical, emotional, and mental health and can interfere with relationships. How you respond to stress and anxiety makes all the difference. I will teach you practical ways to manage both and feel more at ease.

Satisfying Relationships

Setting boundaries can be challenging. Relationships can feel confusing and complicated. Together, we will explore your relationships, and I will support you in setting boundaries that honor you and creating relationships that feel fulfilling.

Confidence & Self-Worth

Do you struggle with feeling not good enough? This often keeps us stuck. Let’s uncover the source of this negative belief and help you see that you are a worthy, capable, and valuable human being.

Mind-Body Connection & Healing

Restoring balance in the nervous system helps us become more resilient and able to adapt to life's challenges.  Releasing stress and trauma in the body can also offer relief from chronic pain and tension, migraines, and gastrointestinal issues. A regulated nervous system can lead to feeling more calm and content, a quieter minder, and a clearer outlook on life.

Energy & Vitality

Bringing the nervous system back into balance often results in better sleep, more energy and vitality, increased motivation, and improved focus.

Getting to know yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. When we look inward with curiosity, openness, and compassion, it paves the way for transformation and growth. It allows us to establish new, healthy habits. 

Self Awareness & Discovery

Healing is Possible

Therapy is not a one size fits all approach. No one method works for everyone, which is why I have developed a toolbox of different techniques that support you in your self-growth and healing journey. I offer an integrative, trauma-informed approach to therapy, incorporating methods supported by neuroscience. These methods aim to treat core causes, rather than just symptoms.

My standard fee is $250 for a 60-minute individual psychotherapy session. I do not accept insurance.


Click here to view my calendar and request an appointment.

The more you pour into yourself, the more ways you find back to yourself. Self-love is the map that brings you back home.


- Billy Chapata

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